Technical Activity

The Technical Support Services (TSS) of the Physics Department offer high level and specialized technical assistance to the scientific activities of the Department. The Services, in operation for more than thirty years, interact with the various research laboratories in the Physical Sciences, and they offer support to the other structures of the Science Faculty, as well as to other Faculties and Interdepartmental Centers of the University.

In some cases they collaborate also with external partnerships, such as private companies interested in the available know-how of the Services. The main activities of the TSS involve all the machinery that is generally considered as complementary to scientific research, ranging from preliminary analysis of research needs to offering solutions related to the implementation, integration and logistics of systems inside and outside the research laboratories, with special attention to the issues of safety.

Technical CoordinatorThe principal mission of the TSS is the development of a strong collaboration with the users. This task is achieved by starting from a detailed assessment of the user’s needs, followed by an analysis and proposal of a suitable technical answer to the problem and by the implementation and instalment of the required instrument/set-up within the users’ laboratory.

The requested services are usually offered in a “ready-to-use” form and unlimited technical assistance is guaranteed for the lifetime of the instrument. The widespread use of advanced technologies, from the early stages of the design phase, allows to quickly and effectively adapt to the changes in course of action that are typical of scientific research activities, and to propose innovative solutions in a broad range of contexts.

The proficiency and training of the TSS personnel play an important role, and the continuous upgrade of skills is a high priority, as it provides the users with a service carried out by technologically updated and professionally prepared personnel.

The main activity of the TSS is the design and implementation of prototypes that are usually not available for purchase in the fields of electrotechnical and electronic components, mechanical and vacuum systems, information technology and data acquisition systems, according to the requirements coming from internal and external users.

The TSS are organized in an agile and autonomous structure that guarantees the best optimization of timings in the workflow and an easy management of priorities to deal with any requirements set by the users. The TSS are directed by a Coordinator, who supports the Director of the Physics Department by providing technical assistance and by collaborating on planning and budget processes, with the management of departmental activities and with the review and improvement of the quality of services offered by TSS.


 Coordinator: Roberto Graziola
Mattia Zomer