The Warehouse Service of the Department of Physics performs the following types of logistic support:

  • Administration of the storage and stocking of materials
  • Purchasing for the different structures within the Faculty of Science
  • Shipping, receiving and delivering.

The warehouse material consists mainly of the following items: stationery and information materials electric and electronic materials, iron and alloy products, nuts/ bolts/hardware store materia, components for vacuum systems and individual protection devices.

In collaboration with the other Facilities of the Technical Support Services, the Shipping/receiving and Store service selects and takes care of the supply and management of storage materials required by all the structures of the Science Pole and by other external users interested in this service.

The introduction of the bar-code system and of software tools for management developed within the Physics Department allowed the automatic identification of the materials available in stock, assuring fast operation and optimal control of the resources.

The availability of the material selected by this Service is essential for the research laboratories, since it reduces the time and cost for tracing the requested material.

The Store Service receives all the shipping and priority mails and takes care of their delivery within the Department. It deals with the shipping of items ranging from simple documents to complex instrumentation used in collaborations with other Universities of private structures.

In collaboration with the Administrative Office it traces the purchases, keeping records and performing inventory

Service Members

Staff Andrea Avi