The Cryogenic Services Facility of the Department of Physics provides cryogens (liquid Helium and Nitrogen) to the research laboratories.

The Facility offers also technical support for the optimization of cryogens consumption in laboratory activities, for the correct use of the distributed products, the definition of operational procedures and personnel training on the installed systems.

The Facility is provided with two plants for helium liquefaction (≥12 l/h) with related equipment for helium gas recovery; the storage capacity for the liquid phase is 500 litres, while for the gas phase is 250 m³.

The plants are able to satisfy the requests coming also from users external to the Physics Department and at present the Facility is in the process of finalizing a supply contract with the CIMeC research center.

The Facility manages the purchase and distribution of liquid nitrogen that is stored in a 6.000 litre cryogenic tank, equipped with a withdrawal system to be used by research personnel (with a withdrawal rate of about 60.000 litres/year). In addition to cryogens, the Service is in charge of supplying cylinders of different types of compressed gases and gas mixtures used in the Science Faculty.

Additionally, it manages the logistics, transport and operation of the various pressurized storage systems (dewars and cylinders) available for laboratory usage, in compliance with the effective Safety Rules.

The Facility collaborates in the design and implementation of new compressed gas systems by taking care of the logistics and functional aspects.

Finally, it presides over the correct operation of all the plants and systems, and takes care of supplying materials and spare parts related to the above mentioned activities.

Typical products

  • Helium gas liquefaction
  • Expertise in the management of storage systems (both compressed gases and cryogenics) and in compression, gasification and distribution methods for cryogens
  • Providing counsel on safety rules in gas handling and storage

Service Members

Responsible Fabrizio Gottardi
Staff Roberto Demattè