Information for first semester of a.y. 2020-21

After checking the availability of rooms with the University, the Department decided that the didactic activitied which needs to be taught "in presence" with high priority are the following:

  • Laboratory courses of LT (Bachelor) and LM (Master): these course are taught in the Didactic Labs and the students will have the possibility to attend them at the university or also remotely
  • Mandatory courses of LT and LM

As for the courses that will be offered online, the most will be synchronous. Asinchronous mode will be followed by the courses which have further online materials.

No activities will have mandatory presence: students that cannot or will not come to Trento will be allowed to attend all the courses remotely.

All this information is valid only for first semester of a.y. 2020-21.

In order to receive the authorization to enter in the lesson rooms (in presence) the students has to apply online through Easyroom (reserve your seat).
Bachelor students are divided into 2 groups depending on their surname: A-K and L-Z. The lessons schedule specifies which lesson is reserved to each group: the information is available in the notes, clicking on each lesson.
A student from one group is not allowed to take part in a lesson reserved to the other group.

In the Didactics Laboratories students have to follow the guidelines available in the download box.


Other general information