Description of the activities

The teaching offering of the UNITN Departments stands out also for the vast and qualified availability of laboratory activities. The Teaching Laboratories for Experimental Sciences are a structure devoted to ensure the learning quality in experimental disciplines and pursue rationalization and synergy in the teaching offering in the studying courses of the Departments of Physics, CIBIO, Industrial Engineering, CISMed, DICAM, Mathematics and Cimec. Primarily, the Teaching Laboratories for Experimental Sciences operate to allow carrying out of the practical-didactical experiments in the Bachelor degree and Master of Science courses offered by the Departments located in the Scientific and Technological Campus (named "Polo di Collina", Hill's Campus) that foresee courses with laboratory sessions. 
Furthermore, they offer support to the teaching laboratory activities in convention with MUSE and technical high schools, and to scientific dissemination towards local territory.
Technical staff of the structure:

  • supports teaching staff involved in designing, preparing and managing laboratory activities, and ensures the operativity through efficient managing of environments, equipment and materials;
  • deals with installation, setting up and maintenance of instrumentation and with the definition of laboratory working procedures;
  • ensures that within the Teaching Laboratories procedures regarding safety, prevention and health protection of workers and users are correctly enforced;
  • offers support and technical consultancy for students, teachers and other users involved in laboratory teaching activities. 

The structure manages 12 laboratories located in a dedicated building in Povo0, and 1 located in Povo1.

Physical Sciences Laboratories

The Physical Sciences Laboratories support the execution of a broad spectrum of teaching laboratory activities: mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, analog and digital electronics, optical and nuclear spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, vacuum, renewable energies, photonics, sensors and transducers, radiation-matter interaction characterization, teaching and dissemination of physics. Involved courses are the Bachelor Degree and Master of Science in Physics, Bachelor Degrees in Engineering, (Industrial, Civil, Environmental), and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering (Management and Industrial Systems, Materials and Production, Mechatronics), Master of Science in Mathematics, Bachelor Degree in Cultural Heritage. Dedicated laboratories are:

  • Teaching Laboratory for Optics 1, 2
  • Teaching Laboratory for Physics  1, 2, 3
  • Teaching Laboratory for Electronics
  • Teaching Laboratory for Physical Measurements

Biotechnological Sciences Laboratories

The Biotechnological Sciences Laboratories host laboratory exercises for courses ranging from basic arguments in biotechnologies and chemistry, to more focused and specific contents in the same disciplines. Activities are organized in cellular biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, physiology, general chemistry and organic chemistry, as advanced courses of genic and cellular therapy, cellular and molecular neurobiology and many more. The involved courses are Bachelor Degree in Biomolecular Science and Technologies, Master of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnologies, Master of Science in Medicine and Surgery, Master of Science in Cognitive Sciences and Bachelor Degree in Cultural Heritage. Dedicated laboratories are:

  • Teaching Laboratory for Biotechnologies 1, 2, 3
  • Teaching Laboratory for Chemistry 1, 2
  • Microscopy room

Laboratories Members

Head Mauro Hueller

Technical Staff

Physical Sciences Lab

Mauro Hueller - Head

Mariano Dimauro

Teresa Lopez-Arias

Pierluigi Minati

Chiara Piotto

Techinal Staff

Biotechnological Sciences Lab

Rossella Tomazzolli - Head

Malgorzata Kos

Annalisa Rossi