The Department coordinates the Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Physics, and offers academic lectures for the disciplines within its competence to other degree courses  of the University.

Degree courses

The Degree courses page provides information on the Bachelor's and Master's Degree courses offered by the Department of Physics.
This page also includes links to mandatory safety training courses and projects such as the “Percorso di Approfondimento in Fisica” (PAF), i.e. further courses/seminars aiming at specific topics related to the main courses, the ERASMUS Programmes and the Double Degree options.

Doctoral Programs 

The information on the Doctoral Courses activated at the Physics Department are available at the dedicated websites:

Post graduate opportunities

The page dedicated to the Postgraduate Opportunities aims at informing  the students about the job-orientation opportunities offered by the University of Trento to support them in the choice of their future career, either within the academia (Master's degree, Ph.D) or  in the labor market.

Post doctoral opportunities

The Post Doctoral Opportunities page provides information about available opportunities either within the academia or in the labor market.

Educational Laboratories

The Educational Laboratories are an important facility of the Physics Department. Here students attend experimental courses and approach theoretical concepts through laboratory tutorials. The educational laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art scientific instruments for an interactive use.