At the Biophysics and Biosignals Laboratory the structure and dynamics of biological systems are investigated at multiple scales by an experimental and application-oriented interdisciplinary approach. Modern techniques of optical and functional imaging, quantitative modelling and computer simulation are applied, in particular, to study cardiovascular and neural systems. Research objectives range from biophysical aspects to biomedical applications. Translational research is accomplished in collaboration with several medical institutions and biomedical industries.

Main research activities:

- Interaction between Signals and Neuronal receptors (Olfaction, Magneto-reception)
- Neuronal coding, information processing, learning & memory
- Optogenetic manipulation of Neural networks

Nonlinear bioimaging
- Biomedical applications of optical tomography
- Synthesis and optical characterization of nano-containers for biomedical applications
Physics of the heart
- Cardiac electro-mechanical activity in physiological and pathological conditions
- Multiscale cardiac tissue characterization
- Cardiac signal and image processing for clinical applications

Research at the Protontherapy Centre



Group members

Head Albrecht Haase
Professors Albrecht Haase
PAT researcher Flavia Ravelli
Postdocs Maria Florencia ScaranoEttore Tiraboschi
PhD students Mirko Zanon
Fellows Michela Masè
Technical staff Elvira D’Amato