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The Laboratory carries on research activities at the forefront of various disciplines.  These include:

  • astrophysics (computational astrophysics, gravitational waves, numerical relativity)
  • relativistic theory of gravity and cosmology (quantum field in curved space-time, physics of black holes and  Hawking radiation, cosmological models, inflation and dark energy)
  • particle physics (astroparticle models and data analysis)
  • theoretical and computational nuclear physics and related area (Ab-initio methods for bound state and reaction observables in   few- and many-body systems; applications to nuclei, hypernuclei,   low-dimensional many-electron systems, quantum fluids and solids;   hadron physics in the parton model, light front Hamiltonian dynamics)
  • Bose-Einstein condensation and  ultracold atomic  gases  (superfluidity in Bose and Fermi gases, coherence and disorder, spinor and dipolar  gases,  low dimensional physics, Monte Carlo simulations, quantum fluids of light)
  • statistical and biological physics

The research activity benefits  from  important   national and international  collaborations with other Institutes   and Research Centers.  At the local level  these include: the Trento Institute for Fundamental  Physics and Application (TIFPA) ,  the European Center for Theoretical Research in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT*), the INO-CNR Center on Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC),  the  Interdisciplinary  Laboratory for Computational Science (LISC).


Group members

Head Winfried Leidemann
Professors Franco DalfovoPietro FaccioliStefano GiorginiGianluca LattanziWinfried LeidemannGiuseppina OrlandiniFrancesco PederivaSandro StringariLuciano Vanzo
Researcher Albino PeregoRaffaello PotestioMassimiliano RinaldiLuca Tubiana
Postdocs Salvatore Butera, Federico Cipolletta (CNR-INO), Tommaso Comparin (CNR-INO), Alberto Gallemì CamachoRoberto Menichetti
PhD students

Gianfranco AbrusciIvan AmelioAlessandro CasalinoElena FilandriLuca GiacomelliMarco GiuliniElia MacalusoAlberto Munoz de Las HerasMiki OtaLorenzo PetrolliMarta RigoliLuca RizSanto Maria RoccuzzoMatteo SighinolfiMichele TurelliFrancesco TurroSilvia VicentiniLuigi Zanovello

Collaborator Lev Pitaevskiy
Technical staff Giuseppe Froner