Research activities

The Laboratory carries on research activities at the forefront of various disciplines.  These include:

  • Astrophysics (computational astrophysics, gravitational waves, numerical relativity)
  • Relativistic theory of gravity and cosmology (quantum field in curved space-time, physics of black holes and  Hawking radiation, cosmological models, inflation and dark energy)
  • Particle physics (astroparticle models and data analysis)
  • Theoretical and computational nuclear physics and related area (Ab-initio methods for bound state and reaction observables in   few- and many-body systems; applications to nuclei, hypernuclei,   low-dimensional many-electron systems, quantum fluids and solids;   hadron physics in the parton model, light front Hamiltonian dynamics)
  • Bose-Einstein condensation and  ultracold atomic  gases  (superfluidity in Bose and Fermi gases, coherence and disorder, spinor and dipolar  gases,  low dimensional physics, Monte Carlo simulations, quantum fluids of light)
  • Statistical and biological physics
  • Condensed Matter Theory

The research activity benefits  from  important   national and international  collaborations with other Institutes   and Research Centers.  At the local level  these include: the Trento Institute for Fundamental  Physics and Application (TIFPA) ,  the European Center for Theoretical Research in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT*), the INO-CNR Center on Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC),  the  Interdisciplinary  Laboratory for Computational Science (LISC).

Group members

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Pitaevskii Center on Bose-Einstein Condensation

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