The research activities at the Structure and Dynamics of Complex Systems (SDCS) laboratory are focused on the study of the interplay of structural and dynamical properties of a class of materials including: liquids and glasses, soft matter, ceramics and disordered photonic systems. In fact, the relevant macroscopic properties of these materials (e.g. thermodynamic properties, transport coefficients, elastic moduli etc.) do not depend only on their structure or only on their dynamics but rather on their often complex interplay. These research activities aim at achieving a detailed understanding and eventually a tailored design of materials with predefined properties.

The materials investigated at the laboratory are in most cases prepared in house using appropriate synthesis protocols (e.g. melt-quenching and sol-gel). The structural and dynamical (vibrations, relaxations) properties of these materials are investigated using different techniques including X-ray diffraction, Raman and Brillouin scattering spectroscopy, luminescence and dynamic light scattering. These experiments are complemented by X-ray spectroscopic studies carried out at synchrotron radiation sources (e.g. Elettra at Trieste and the ESRF at Grenoble, France) and free electron laser centres (e.g. Fermi at Trieste and LCLS at Stanford, USA), and neutron scattering experiments at reactors (e.g. the ILL at Grenoble, France). The techniques routinely used by the laboratory staff members at large scale facility centres include X-ray absorption, inelastic X-ray and neutron scattering and X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy. In addition, the laboratory staff members are specialized in instrumentation developments, and innovative experimental set-ups are designed and realized in house to tackle specific scientific problems.


Group members

Head Giacomo Baldi
Professors Giacomo Baldi
Researcher Marco Zanatta
PhD students Erica AlfinelliAlessandro Martinelli
Technical staff Flavio RossiRoberto Graziola